Audio Talks and Teisho

Talks and Teisho by Glenn Wallis Roshi in mp3 format.

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These Talks and Teisho where offered during Sesshin to Sesshin participants. Please respect the Dharma and use the recordings responsibly.

Practice Talks:


Practicing Entirety without making something

The Body of Presence


On Breathing




Who is Hearing That Sound?

Gateless Barrier Case 8: Xi Zhong Builds Carts

Gateless Barrier Case 18: Dongshan’s Three Pounds of Flax

Hakuin Zenji The Sound of One Hand

Blue Cliff Record Case 17: Xianlin Gets Tired

Blue Cliff Record Case 87: Medicine and Sickness Mutually Correspond


Walking the Zen Path

The Koan Path

Blue Cliff Record Case 53: Baizhangs Wild Duck

Transmission of the Light Introductory Case: Shakyamuni

Gateless Barrier Case 47: Doushuai’s Three Barriers

Gateless Barrier Case 37: Zhaozhou’s Oak Tree in the Courtyard


Who Am I?

Who Is Hearing?

Wumenkuan case 23 Huineng: Don’t Think Good, Don’t Think Evil

Wumenkuan case 13 Deshan: Bowls in Hand

Shoyuroku case 4 The Buddha Points to the Ground

Wumenkuan case 6 The World Honoured One Twirls a Flower