2017 Rohatsu Sesshin Teisho and Talk

Recorded Teisho and a written Talk from our Rohatsu Sesshin last December, 2017

Teisho written – Wumenkuan: case 30. What is Buddha?

Teisho recorded – What is this? 

Teisho recorded – Wumenkuan: case 2. Baizhang’s Fox 

Teisho recorded – The Iron Flute: case 1. Manjusri Enters the Gate

Teisho recorded – Hekiganroku: case 78. Touzi’s Buddhas Voice

Teisho recorded – Kahawaii Koans: case 1. The Woman in the Hermitage 

Talk written- Orienting the Zen Landscape

2017 Winter Sesshin Talks and Teisho

These Talks and Teisho were recorded at our 2017 Mid winter Queens Birthday non residential Sesshin in Dunedin June 2017.

Talk – Difficulties are the Path 

Teisho – Shido Munan’s ‘Who’

Teisho – Wumenkuan case 40. Guishan’s Water Bottle