2019 Spring Sesshin Teisho and Talks

Our 2019 Spring Sesshin was rich and nourishing and the largest in numbers we’ve had since Ross Bolleter Roshi used to teach here. The weather was generous with warmth and breezes and the bird life and island presence live and ever perfect for practicing the Way.


Teisho during Sesshin:

Wumenkuan Case 1 Zhaozhou’s Dog

Hekiganroku Case 9 Zhaouzhous Four Gates

Hekiganroku Case 4 Deshan Holds His Bundle

Hekiganroku Case 3 Mazu Unwell

Hekiganroku Case 83 Yunmen’s An Old Buddha and a Pillar


Encouragement Talk during Sesshin:

Shikantaza talk

Intimacy and Time talk

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