Diamond Sangha Lineage

The Diamond Sangha Zen Lineage comes out of the Sanbo Kyodan lineage of Japan

The Sanbo Kyodan is a modern reformation movement in Japanese Zen that blends Soto and Rinzai Zen lines of practice and transmission.


Diun Sogaku Harada Roshi  Harada, Daiun Sogaku Roshi,

[13 Oct 1871-12 Dec 1961]
Harada Roshi became Dharma Heir to the Soto master Harada Sodo Kakusho[1844-1931] 31st teacher in the Soto generation since Dogen Kigen [1200-1253]; Harada Roshi was also Dharma Heir to the Rinzai master Dokutan Sosan (Dokutan Toyota)[1840-1919] 8th generation teacher in the Rinzai line since Hakuin Ekaku [1686-1769].







                                                                                                            Yasutani, Hakuun Ryoko Roshi  

[5 Jan 1885-28 Mar 1973]
Founder of the Sanbo Kyodan line. Soto priest who studied with and became Dharma Heir to Harada  Roshi. Yasutani Roshi set up a lay lineage which carried through his student Yamada Koun Zenshin.




  Yamada, Koun Zenshin Roshi
[Mar 1907 – 13 Sep 1989]

Since 1973, following the death of Yasutani Hakuun Roshi, head of Sanbo Kyodan school.






                                                                        Robert Aitken Roshi       
[19 Jun 1917 – 5 Aug 2010]

Studied with Yasutani Roshi and then his Dharma Heir  Yamada Roshi. Founding Teacher of the Diamond Sangha with his wife Anne Aitken in Hawaii 1959. Aitken Rōshi also studied with Senzaki Nyogen and Nakagawa Soen Roshi.





 Ross Bolleter Roshi


Ross received Transmission from Robert Aitken Roshi as well as John Tarrant Roshi. Ross is the senior Zen Teacher at the Zen Group of Western Australia and bought Diamond Sangha Zen to NZ through teaching Sesshin in NZ from 1994 to 2004, firstly in Nelson then in Dunedin




Ross and Glenn



Glenn Wallis Roshi 

Ross Bolleter Roshi gave Glenn authority to teach in 2004 and then Dharma Transmission in 2010. Glenn is the resident Zen Teacher of the Dunedin Zen Group.

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The Dunedin Zen Group

Welcome to the web page of the Dunedin Zen Group. The DZG is committed to supporting Zen practice and training in Dunedin, and in NZ/Aoteaora. The group supports practice by arranging weekly practice sessions (zazen), as well as offering longer half day sits (zazenkai) and regular retreats (sesshin). We also have a small lending library. If you are interested in Zen, or in learning more you are welcome to contact us at the address below, or to come along on Wednesday night to our regular practice session. We meet at 7.00 pm at St Martins Anglican Church, downstairs at 194 North Road, North East Valley.   We ask $5, to help cover rental costs. And if this is your first visit please try to email us beforehand and come at least ten minutes early .              E-mail: dunedinzen@gmail.com

The group is a part of the Diamond Sangha, and we are fortunate to have Glenn Wallis Roshi available as a Zen teacher to guide and support practice. While we practice in the Diamond Sangha Zen lineage, everyone is welcome and we regularly have friends from other traditions sit and practice with us.


For 2016 Wednesday evening Zazen is held at St Martins Anglican Church, downstairs at 194 North Road, North East Valley. We ask $5, to help cover rental costs. It’s good to arrive a few minutes early so we can be under way by 7.00pm.